W o l k e n - B e r g e - M o n d -Notes From The Presence

During my walks in the mountains I sometimes made notes on a piece of rubbish paper. Now and then I also took photographs with a simple automatic camera. In the course of time this collection happened. It contains short poems, illustrated with black and white photographs. The poems are inspired by the japanes Haiku, but do not follow any classical form.

Download (wolken_berge_mond.pps, about 350 MB)

On a PC open the file with the free of charge PowerPoint Viewer or with PowerPoint by Microsoft. On a Macintosh-Computer you may use the free of charge NeoOffice or PowerPoint to open the file. If you use NeoOffice choose from the MainMenu Slide Show / Slide Show to start the presentation. PowerPoint-Viewers may be downloaded at no cost from www.microsoft.com. NeoOffice for Macintosh may be downloaded from www.neooffice.org.

Note: As the file contains lots of pictures, opening and loading the file may take a while, depending on the speed of you computer.



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